Aviation & Territory


The Aviation or Territory Extension endorsements will extend the policy territories of horses being purchased from / temporarily traveling to Western Europe, Australia, Iceland and New Zealand. Travel to/from other countries are possible, pending company approval. Our office requires prior notification of travel plans. This endorsement is NOT available on a stand-alone basis, but can be added to a Full Mortality policy.


What you need to know:

All travel dates & locations must be approved by company prior to binding coverage

Actual Travel costs may be added to the insured value of the horse, limits depending on company

Once coverage is bound, the policy is in effect during all travel processes:  during transport to airport, loading/unloading & the flight, etc.

A minimum premium of $100 may apply, company depending

All policy terms remain the same


How much does it cost?

To extend your Full Mortality (& Medical/Surgical) policy to countries outside of the Continental U.S. & Canada, it would add 0.25% to 0.5% of the insured value to the annual premium.

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