Colic Coverage

The Colic endorsement reimburses Veterinary expenses for medical or surgical treatment of colic at an affordable premium. There is the option to add this coverage to the Mortality policy in addition to Medical &/or Surgical endorsements, to extend the limits for Colic specifically. This endorsement is NOT available on a stand-alone basis.

What you need to know:

Available for horses 30-days old to 20 years of age, with a Mortality policy

This coverage only reimburses Vet expenses for Colic; it does NOT insure any other medical or surgical issues

Colic is defined as acute abdominal pain caused by spasm, obstruction, twisting, entrapment, impaction or lack of motility.

Deductible of $250 & Co-payment of 20% are required before the policy will pay on a claim

Pre-existing conditions may NOT be covered, whether or not a claim was filed. Companies will review a horse’s health history on case-by-case basis to determine the exclusions.

Claims must be reported immediately, within the policy period   (Available for claims 24/7)


How much does it cost?

To add Colic coverage to a Mortality policy, it would add $150 to the annual premium.

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