Commercial Equine Liability

Commercial Equine Liability policies are designed for those involved with (but not limited to) any of the following:

  • Training
  • Instruction
  • Boarding
  • Exercise riding
  • Breeding
  • Racing
  • Sales
  • Clinics
  • Camps
  • Therapeutic riding

If you earn any INCOME from equine activities, even if you do not consider yourself a professional, you should have this coverage in place. Policies are customized to your type of equine activities and your level of involvement. Personal Liability is included in this policy as well, so the damages / injuries caused by the Insured’s personally-owned horse would be covered even if it wasn’t involving the business activities.

Consider this: even if the claims made against you are unfounded, the legal cost to defend against a lawsuit would be devastating. These liability policies are designed to protect the Named insured; it does not automatically cover the costs that Others incur. If an injured party (or their health insurance company) pursued legal action against the insured, the Liability policy would respond to cover the defense costs and resulting judgements – up to the policy limits. 

Limits available:

$300,000 per occurrence / $600,000 aggregate

$500,000 per occurrence / $1,000,000 aggregate

$1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate

Excess limits available, upon request 

We highly recommend the $1 million / $2 million coverage limits, because damages can be costly regardless of the size of your business. Ask our agents about the difference in premium.

How much does it cost?

The minimum premium for the $1 million limit starts at $500/year & up, but premiums are all customized to your specific needs and risks. Each of our underwriters rate their coverage based on different elements to your business. Depending on the level of activities you’re involved in, the income earned and the varying risks involved, our agents can match you with the underwriting company best suited to your needs.


Care, Custody, Control for Non-Owned horses

Adding the Care, Custody, Control coverage to a Liability policy protects your responsibility of the non-owned horses in your care.  This coverage is not available on a stand-alone basis. Whether you are boarding horses, training or handling non-owned horses in any capacity, you could be held responsible should something happen to the horse. Adding care, custody, control coverage would offer insurance on a per-horse limit, capped at an overall limit.   Several limit options are available:    Example  $10,000 per horse / $100,000 overall limit

How much does it cost?

This premium is in addition to the Commercial Liability premium, and starts at an additional $250/year & up, depending on the limits chosen and the number of horses in your care.