Loss of Use

Loss of Use Combined endorsement will reimburse a percentage of the horse’s insured value, should they become permanently disabled and unable to perform their intended use. Due to the nature of this coverage, specific forms are required upon application as well as an extensive Veterinary examination. Coverage is only available for horses in active competition in certain disciplines, and excludes some conditions. There is also a Loss of Use available for External Accidents only. This endorsement is NOT available on a stand-alone basis, but can be added to a Full Mortality policy.

What you need to know:

Loss of Use eligibility requirements:

  • Horses between ages 2 years – 17 years old, company depending
  • A base Mortality policy and Major Medical coverage
  • In active competition for: Dressage, Hunter / Jumpers, Cutting / Reining, English showing.   (*NO Eventing or other Western disciplines*)
  • Recommended for horses with insured values of $25,000 +

Pre-existing conditions may NOT be covered, whether or not a claim was filed. Companies will review a horse’s health history on case-by-case basis to determine the exclusions.

Loss of Use will NOT respond if the horse is permanently disabled due to:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Navicular
  • Infertility

This is NOT a short-term disability policy.  In the event of a claim, the diagnosing Veterinarian must state that the horse is permanently unable to perform the intended use ever again

This coverage requires specific paperwork and applications, as well as an extensive Veterinary examination


How much does it cost?

Most companies require a Full Mortality policy with Major Medical / Surgical coverage in order to provide the Loss of Use coverage. To add Loss of Use to a policy, it would add between 3.75% to 4.5% of the insured value to the annual premium.

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