Surgical Only

The Surgical only endorsement offers reimbursement for Veterinary surgical procedures under general anesthesia. This coverage does NOT include Medical treatment or sedated procedures. This may be the right coverage for you if you’re concerned with insuring the large Veterinary expenses that surgery would involve. There is also an option to add this coverage in addition to Medical/Surgical coverage, to increase the limits specific to Surgery.

What you need to know:

Available for horses 30-days old to 20 years of age, with a Mortality policy

Surgeries are strictly defined as Veterinary surgical procedures that require general anesthesia

Procedures NOT under general anesthesia may NOT be covered under this endorsement

Deductibles & Co-payments apply:  Usually $250 Deductible & 20% Co-pay  (varying slightly between companies)

Dental surgeries (other than routine) under general anesthesia are included

Within certain limits (depending on underwriter) surgical aftercare may be included

Pre-existing conditions may NOT be covered, whether or not a surgery was performed. Companies will review a horse’s health history on case-by-case basis to determine the exclusions.

Our office requires notification prior to Surgery   (Available for claims 24/7)


How much does it cost?

Surgical only endorsement can be added to a Mortality policy for $100 – $300 more, depending on the limits

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